Seed germination testing

Whether a seed germinates or not depends on genetic factors and the environment. The loss of germination can have many causes, which are not readily apparent. How to predict germination ability of a dry seed and vitality of a young plant?

The ability to germinate is a fundamental property of plant seeds. The simplest methods of testing for germination are based on the principle of visual observation – when the radicle breaks through the seed coat, the seed has germinated. All the biological classics – Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, Alexander von Humboldt – worked in this way, and this method is still in use today because of its simplicity.

Technological innovations in the field of sensor technology have allowed us to develop a new method. This allows

  • an exact measurement of the respiration activity of the germinating seed
  • an automated determination of the germination capacity in a high-throughput process
  • an exact determination of the time of germination
  • an evaluation of vitality and dormancy

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